bbCalc Private Contacts

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Développeur Pitch Black, Inc.
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Your own private black book and private contacts hidden behind a regular looking calculator app.

Dont let your private contacts or little black book fall into the wrong hands! Our pass code protected black book looks just like a normal calculator app except when you enter your pass code to gain access to your private contacts. Our inconspicuously named "bbCalc" is sure not to draw attention or get people curious.

The default pass code is "123". Enter "123" into the calculator to access the private contacts. You can change the default pass code once you are into the main contacts application on the settings page.

bbCalc Features:
Pass code protected contacts
- enter your password into the "calculator" to access your contacts

Looks like a regular calculator application
- functions as a regular calculator

Inconspicuous app name
- not called "Black Book" or "Private Contacts"

Quick entry
- for adding a number to the address book really fast
- enter phone number into calculator and hit ++
- number is entered into contacts with time and date as first name
- add new numbers in seconds

Main contacts screen
- photos displayed in list
- Contact Flow mode, easily browse your contacts by photo
- initiate phone calls and MMS in app

Private Photos
- store multiple photos per contact
- pictures can be imported from the Photo Album or taken from the camera
- pictures taken within the application are not stored in the iPhone Photo Album

Stop snoops
- create a "fake" password that opens a second set of contacts
- plausible deniability

Call and SMS Aliasing (optional)
- Associate a private contact with an alias (fake name) in the regular contacts
- Incoming calls and SMS show the alias (Uncle Bob, Aunt Suzy, etc)

Contact import
- Import existing contacts from the regular iPhone contacts

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